Patents CA 2843797 and PCT/CA2016/051507

The modules can be designed and manufactured in various sizes to suit any type of development, from low rise to high rise buildings. The designs presented here are based on Flexsola™ series 2400, 3500 & 6600.

Saddle mockup
Saddle fabrication
Flexsola 3500 module prototype
Flexsola 3500 model house
Flexsola 2400 two semi-detached triplexes
Flexsola 3500 elevated house
Flexsola 3500 elevated on water
Flexsola 6600 for elevated city

Flexsola is a modular system that can create buildings that are easily expandable horizontally and vertically.  It is based on Nicholas Varias’ patents CA2843797 & PCT/CA2016/051507, which introduce an innovative saddle connector that has guiding pins to facilitate the installation of beams.  Furthermore, the saddle can accommodate a parapet post extension, which can be inserted from the start, or later, without structural modifications. The parapet posts can support several elements, including roof guards, planters, awnings with solar panels, dual axis solar tracking devices, and wind turbines.

By incorporating solar and wind energy without affecting the roof, a Flexsola building could produce more electricity than it consumes. Furthermore, it can be located off-grid. Flexsola could greatly contribute to Climate Compatible Housing.

Flexsola has great potential for mass production, expansion, flexibility, expediency, demountability and reuse. It is ideal for affordable housing, especially when urgently needed. It can also be used to build in harsh climates, post-disaster, and by the military.  Thanks to the post & beam structural configuration, Flexsola buildings can be easily raised above the grade to preserve the natural landscape, and adapt to climate change (i.e., flooding).

2017 Toronto Construction Association Innovative Product Award
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